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About Us

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Why Choose SSVC

1. Great Products and Exceptional Value

2. Broad range of industrial stainless steel Gate, Globe, and Check Valves as main product line.  Special alloys are available.

3. Fast delivery for inventoried items.  Valves are tested before delivery.

4. Reliable service support teams. 

5. Helping customers succeed has been always our goal.  We do more than just supply valves, we also provide the engineering guidance, expertise, and technology knowledge to meet and exceed your objectives.



Range of Main products:

1. API 603/API 600/ASME B16.34 Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve

2. API 6D Ball Valve (Floating type, Trunnion type, Soft Seal, Metal Seal)

3. The Concentric and Eccentric Butterfly Valve

4. Control Valve

5. LNG Valve

6. Valves of Special Usage